When it comes to start-ups, HARSAV Group understands that the success of the business, no matter how big or small, cannot depend on the ideas alone. Success requires in-depth knowledge and expertise to take a business to the next level. 


Case Study

BP Consulting (est. 2018) is an Energy Management Consultancy based in the North East, specialising in helping organisations better manage their ongoing energy costs.

Despite having an adequate business model and ambitious leaders driving the business, their turnover did not reflect the opportunities that were presented in the market, with wage bills and other expenses significantly diminishing any kind of profit margin they had. 

In Spring 2019, BP Consulting recognised that receiving investment into the company would bring copious benefits that would amplify and facilitate the growth of the business. 

Seeking the most appropriate investor for their needs, BP Consulting connected with HARSAV Group. HARSAV Group recognised BP Consulting was still in the early-stages of development and a growth-focused strategy could have a substantial impact on the business. To date, they have proved to be HARSAV Group’s greatest investment story so far, taking a business that was struggling financially and transforming it in to an efficient and disciplined organisation that now has over 250 customers!


“The investment from HARSAV Group has been exponential for the growth of the company. The input from these experts of the industry has transformed the company so that we have a clear understanding of our history, giving us a better perspective of the past and present stages of BP Consulting, and thus a clear vision of the future.

People have always said to me that you need to take risks to reap the rewards in business, with HARSAV Group supporting us every way in our strategic approach, I would not have predicted that we would move from 1 employee and an annual turnover of just over £100,000, to forecasting having a team of 20 within 2 years of the business being established and over £1 million turnover by 2025.

Extremely grateful for all the work HARSAV Group has put in to transform BP Consulting and I am looking forward to the future opportunities this partnership will present.”
Sales Director, BP Consulting

Case Study

Bespoke Merchant Solutions (BMS) is an Independent Merchant Service Consultancy Firm (est. 2018) and provides tailored merchant payment packages for businesses, helping them navigate the merchant services world and maintaining their account management.  HARSAV Group enabled BMS to develop every aspect of the business; from helping with contract negotiation and building strong working relationships with 4 partner banks, to training and development of the sales team, HARSAV Group have optimised their operations through their investment. 

With particular attention on capital investment, introductions to the best merchant banks and strategising business targets through planning, BMS now have a succinct and developed business plan that aims to maximise revenue and reduce loss. The strong foundation that HARSAV has been able to help BMS build has meant that the business is now able to grow at an exponential rate.

“This continued growth and development have been down to the leadership team in the HARSAV Group, whose guidance has been instrumental in all of our achievements thus far. “
Alexander Docx
Sales Director, Bespoke Merchant Solutions
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