Kickstart Role – Assistant Instructor

Dojo Training Ltd

Contracted Hours:

25 Hours per week

Working Pattern:

Hours vary weekly between Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm.

Hourly Rate:

National Minimum Wage based on age

Job Placement Summary :

DOJO Training Limited (DTL) provide martial art and well-being services for individuals or groups that find life or school difficult. Each service aims to provide a positive outlet for negative energy and a place to learn transferable self-management/coping strategies that will help in other areas of life. The programme caters for a broad range of difficulties and challenges including social isolation or just a place to channel physical aggression. Wellbeing intervention programmes are designed to restore confidence and improve mental health. DTL utilises an intervention model that is influenced by Crisis Prevention, Anger Management and Occupational Therapy. Services can provide accreditation, volunteer opportunities and entrance into after school sporting activities.

The Assistant Instructor will:

  • Support the lead instructor in the delivery of activities ranging from gentle meditation through to engaging in physical activity such as martial arts training
  • Provide basic induction information to service users when they are participating in a new activity or training with new equipment
  • Provide pastoral support to Service Users during activity sessions
  • Contribute to an Individual Development Plan for each individual person-centred which include evidence-based practice such as recording the ‘distance travelled’ of set goals within written reports
  • Complete safeguarding, Accident, Incident and First Aid Forms on request
  • Be responsible for basic cleaning duties

Essential skills, experience and qualifications:

  • A minimum of 4 years martial arts experience
  • Basic youthwork or coaching experience is desirable
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Basic literacy skills

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