Business Consulting

Our team at HARSAV Group have substantial experience in reducing business’s operational expenditure across a wide range of essential business services. We are dedicated to finding the most suitable solutions for your business using a simple 3 step process.

Step 1


Our team starts by assessing the area(s) of your business that you would like to reduce expenditure, receive advice on, or both. We will carry out an in-depth evaluation of current practices to determine where improvements can be made.

Step 2


Once our team has completed your assessment, we will develop a detailed report of current operations and costs, with achievable suggestions for improvement.

Step 3


Our team will then guide you through the implementation of any suggestions. We will be on-hand to answer any queries you have at any time throughout our working relationship.

Merchant Services

HARSAV Group are proud to offer excellent merchant service solutions for all electronic payment needs. We have working relationships with multiple banks ensuring that we can build bespoke card payment packages to meet the requirements of your business. 

Whether you need POS, VPOS, E-Commerce, or EPOS, we can help find a solution that meets your business needs.



Effective and robust telecommunications is paramount to all businesses. We have long-standing relationships with providers who can build bespoke solutions that suit the unique needs of our clients. In addition, we assist in the utilisation of new infrastructure to future-proof business communication and IT systems, enabling us to build the ideal package for our clients.  

Waste Management

HARSAV Group are an approved partner of a national waste broker, meaning we can offer you an outstanding level of service and industry expertise. Depending on the results of our assessment, we can provide substantial savings, averaging on 5% – 35% with the possibility to exceed this.


HARSAV Group are partnered with a highly established UK insurance broker that has over 50 years’ experience in the industry. This enables us to bring our clients efficient and affordable insurance cover to protect their business thoroughly.

Furthermore, all of the policies our partners provide are bespoke to our client’s needs, ensuring that all of their requirements are met without them paying for unnecessary cover.

Energy Procurement and Management

Whether your objective is budget certainty, price optimisation or both, our team of Market Analysts, Risk Managers and Energy Consultants can lead you to procurement success.

Hospitality Consulting

HARSAV Group work with some of the UK’s biggest breweries and drinks companies to deliver a substantial saving, with a number of our clients saving 30% per year on their supply contracts.

Firstly, our team will carry out an in-depth stock analysis and provide a comparison with our recommended supplier prices. Then, they may suggest potential changes that could increase profitability and add high-quality products to your business.

Fire Safety & Security

Fire Safety and Security is a crucial operating expense which requires the highest level of service and maintenance, whether it is complying to relevant fire safety regulations or the upkeep of fire safety equipment.

HARSAV Group are partnered with a leading expert in fire safety and security to deliver our clients only the best possible service in this exceptionally important area of their operations.

R&D Tax Credits

HARSAV Group have explored something that only 0.5% of eligible UK firms have utilised. Our team can claim research and development in tax credits which businesses may be entitled to.  

Your business could claim 130% of any expenditure that can be deemed as or supports R&D activities.

Capital Allowances

9 in 10 businesses will be due to receive a sizeable tax benefit under capital allowances.

Our team of specialists can identify what capital allowances you may be able to claim, with the average claim for a business being £125,000.

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